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Sale maple magnetic knife with Damascus steel knives

16-Inch Magnetic Knife Holder, Wall Mounted Wooden Knife Strip with Rare Earth Magnets



Keep your knives, carving tools, and serving utensils safely within reach and protect them from damage with this elegant storage solution. Mount the Zelancio magnetic knife strip on the wall or cabinet so you can display your favorite cutlery and free up valuable counter space. We use strong, rare earth magnets to hold your knives, cooking tools, and other objects safely and securely. This 16-inch magnetic knife holder is hand-finished and features a simple, elegant design. Available in premium maple, cherry, or walnut hardwoods, there's a finish to complement every decor. The stainless steel version adds a professional, industrial-kitchen look to your prep area. The magnetic knife bar installs easily and securely - just mount the base plate with the included hardware then attach the magnetic board. The unique design means no screws or plugs are visible on the front face. Use it as a stylish, magnetic tool bar to hold screws, handtools, and metal parts in the garage or workshop. Post notes and keep paper clips handy in your home office. It’s also great in the craft room or sewing room to hold scissors, pins, and notions. Stay organized in motorhomes, RVs and tiny homes, where space is at a premium.

  • DIMENSIONS: 16"L x 2.5"H x 3/4" Depth
  • MATERIAL: Available In Maple, Cherry, or Walnut Hardwood, or Stainless Steel
    • Installation Hardware
    • Installation Guide
    • Gift Box
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