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Ultra Fitness Gear 51-Inch Climbing Peg-Board, Climbing Wall Training Ladder for Fitness, Agility & Muscle Strength
ENHANCE YOUR ATHLETICISM WITH ULTRA FITNESS GEAR!Best used for Wall Climbing Trainings, Metolius Climbing, Crossfit exercises, Gymnastics and Parkour Training. Designed to be mounted on a wall to allow you to practice ascending and descending movements and exercise different pull-up variations, making an excellent exercise to develop upper body strength....
Ultra Fitness Gear 18 Inch Parallettes, Good for L Sits, Jump Throughs, Handstand Pushups & Calisthenics
Dimensions: 18" x 7.25" x 6" Multiple workout possibilities. Build pressing power and upper body strength through push-ups, L Sits, and handstands. Enhance balance and mobility through jump throughs, tucked L sits, and straddle sits. Power up muscle strength and coordination whichever way you use the parallettes. Non-slip materials. Training...

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