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Sale Tagine with lid on- teal

2.4 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Moroccan Tagine Pot with Ceramic Lid

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Moroccan tagine cooking is the culinary style of making tender, flavorful dishes. The key to this exquisite taste and texture is the Moroccan tagine pot with its unique cone-shaped top that traps heat for natural steam circulation and the cast iron base that evenly browns meat and vegetables. This is the secret to creating moist and tasteful Moroccan dishes.

Since its foundation, Zelancio has been committed to selecting the best-performing cooking ware that creates the best-tasting food. We believe that enticing aromas, vibrant colors, and delectable tastes create not only the best gastronomic experience but the most unforgettable memories as well.

Made with a ceramic top that easily sit on the cast iron pot, it effectively traps heat for even distribution. Cast iron is the ideal material for versatile cooking styles – from slow-cook to stir fry and baking, you’re sure to use the Zelancio Moroccan Tagine pot for different dishes.

In addition to its flexible cooking possibilities, the Cast Iron Tagine Pot can also be trusted for different heat settings. So, whether you are searing meat, simmering casserole, or whipping a stove-to-oven recipe, you can expect the food to come out great. This temperature adaptability isn’t limited to hot dishes either. Use the Cast Iron Pot to store chilled dishes and keep them cold longer. Pop it in the freezer and serve it on this aesthetic pot that keeps it cooled for a long time.

The Tagine Pot should be hand-washed only – the ceramic lid and smooth finish of the pot make it quick and easy to clean. An aesthetic cooking ware that is as reliable as it is flexible – this is what the Zelancio Enameled Cast Iron 2.4 Quarts Moroccan Tagine Pot is all about!

Base Material: Enamel Coated Cast Iron
Lid Material: Ceramic
Dimensions: 13” Base x 8” Tall(with lid on)
Cooking Capacity: 2.4 Quarts
Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only
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