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Mow your Gnome Yard Figure
Have pesky gnomes been rummaging through your trash at night, eating all of your yesterdays delights? Have sassy little gnomes been leaving little stinky presents to step on in your lawn every morning? Is your Underwear missing?!?! It's time to fight back! Set this yard figurine in your yard and...
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Cat and Yarn Gnome Deterrent
Have you ever been to the great pyramids of ancient Utanianta? The breathtaking Pekingese statues of the gods from a time within? This yard figurine is like those except waaay better and not as lame. This is the kind of figurine that your grandma will tell people about for 100...
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Sunward 8.5” Diameter Garden Sundial with Polished Brass Highlights
Sundials are ancient pieces used to tell time by referencing the shadow cast by the sun. Sun dials consist of a thin rod or gnomon and a flat surface usually etched with numbers. The gnomon casts a shadow on the number markings depicting time. From an astronomical clock, the sun dial...

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