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Our Story
A quick look into how we tick bringing
value and service to our customers.
Our Mission
At Marketfleet, we are here to ensure that you are offered luxury and quality products at an affordable price. We build and bring you a network of industry leading brands and are improving how products come to market. We cut out the fat that pads the retail cost of other online sellers while maintaining the level of quality and value you deserve. This is our mission and it is our promise to you.
Creating Our Products
Our Product Development Team consists of passionate creators striving to offer you uncompromised quality goods. We work closely with industry experts when entering the market with a new item and are directly involved during the manufacturing process from start to finish. This is to make sure we meet every need that our customers want and continually uphold the level of detail we pride ourselves on.
Secret To Savings
In order to keep our prices low, we have removed all supply-chain parties between us and you. With everything we do in-house and selling directly to our customers, we are able to keep our promise to you – luxury and quality products at an affordable price.
Our Model
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Other Retailers
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Manufacturing Cost
Sourcing Markup
Distributor Markup
Their Retail Price
To Our Customers
We strive to take care of our customers throughout their shopping experience. If you have a question regarding a product or need assistance with placing an order, our Customer Service and Experience Team is here to help! We also love hearing from our customers to know how we are doing, how they are enjoying their purchase and any suggestions of what they would like for us to build next. We are always excited to hear from you!
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Our History
In 2015, a small group of ecommerce experts and entrepreneurs rallied together to build something great! With the mutual vision to enter any product market where it was found that customers were being overcharged, Marketfleet was born to bring the same quality products to customers at an affordable price. Since then, a third headquarters location, many new faces, new partner relationships and a mountain of new products brought to market, Marketfleet still holds the same vision and remains customer oriented and loyal.