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Whiskey Middle Finger Decanter Set
Not afraid to show your bold side? The Atterstone Middle Finger 5-Piece Decanter Bar Set is for daring premium liquor aficionados. Now, you can enjoy your favorite whiskey, bourbon, or scotch in a delightfully irreverent decanter bar set! Set Includes: 9.375” L x 4.” W Middle Finger Decanter,  2 tumbler glasses, ...
Whiskey Barrel Decanter Set
Whiskey Barrel Decanter Set
Barrel Whiskey Decanter SetOur Barrel Whiskey Decanter Set is truly a work of art. The unique handblown sail boat brings your decanter set to a new level of elegance. Watch glass after glass as the ship emerges from your favorite wine or liquor. Each handblown unit is meticulously inspected to ensure quality and craftsmanship....
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Atterstone Globe Whiskey Decanter Set, 850-ml Gift Set with Globe Glasses, 9 Whiskey Stones and Stainless Steel Funnel
A Salute To Quality and Craftsmanship Here at Atterstone, we understand the importance of quality and craftsmanship. When we first set out to develop our line of high quality decanters, these were our two fundamental focal points. Our Globe Whiskey Decanter is the embodiment of quality and uniqueness. This handblown decanter...
Atterstone Viking Horn Whiskey Decanter 4 Piece Bar Set, Includes a 9.66” x 3.73” Viking Horn Decanter, 2 Glasses, and Wooden Stand Base
Atterstone creates products that enhance the flavor and appeal of the finest liquors. Now, you can add a touch of medieval flair to your drinking experience with the Atterstone Viking Horn Decanter 5-Piece Bar Set! This classic Atterstone selection includes a 9.5” x 4” Viking Horn decanter, 2 glasses, and...
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Classic Whiskey Decanter Box Set
COMPLETE WHISKEY SET FOR GIFT-GIVING.The Atterstone Crate Box comes with a Decanter and 2-piece whiskey glass set, chilling stones, and coasters enclosed in a handsome wooden box that connoisseurs and collectors will enjoy. HIGH-GRADE GLASSWARE FOR HIGH-GRADE LIQUORS. The finest bourbon, scotch, and whiskey deserve to be kept in the...
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Diamond Decanter Set with Whiskey Stones and Lowball Glasses
Diamond Decanter SetOur Diamond Whiskey Decanter Set is truly a one of a kind set. We spent hours redesigning the wooden stand to be both aesthetically pleasing and extremely functional. The decanter cradles in snuggly between the 4 unique posts of the stand to show off its elegant design, while...
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Whiskey Cylinder Sail Boat Decanter Set
Cylinder Decanter SetThis Cylinder Whiskey Decanter Set is guaranteed to turn heads! Our unique design features a detailed handblown sail boat inside the decanter itself. Enjoy watching the ship emerge slowly glass after glass from your favorite wine or spirit. This whiskey decanter fits snuggly into the custom made elevated mahogany base. Our stand fits any standard...

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