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Sale Ultra Fitness Portable Sandbag Kettlebell, 30 Pounds (lbs)

Ultra Fitness Portable Sandbag Kettlebell, 30 Pounds (lbs)

$49.99 $74.99
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The Kettlebell Reimagined:
Get the convenience of a sandbag and the brute strength of a kettlebell in one powerful piece of training equipment! The Ultra Fitness Gear Sandbag Kettlebell is the ultimate workout tool for people on the go.

Not happy with clunky workout gear? No problem! You can build your strength with the heavy duty but less bulky sandbag kettlebell! It hits the spot between heavy weight lifting and comfortable grip that you need for tough, strength-building workouts!

Don’t let the brute power of this training equipment intimidate you -- the sandbag kettlebell is as flexible as it is strong! With a maximum weight capacity of 30 lbs, you can roll it open and fill up the removable liner with the amount of sand most fitting to your training! Imagine the number of full body workouts you can create when you can increase or decrease the weight of the sand filler! It’s a handy workout equipment that adjusts with the progress of your training without the expense of extra tools!

Pack it up wherever you go. When empty, the sandbag kettlebell easily folds and packs away -- a convenient training equipment that you can bring with you anywhere you want to do a killer workout!
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