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Sale Front view Ultra Fitness Gear Soft Atlas Stone Sandbag, Loadable Up to 50 LB

Ultra Fitness Gear Soft Atlas Stone Sandbag, Includes Ultra Durable Soft Outer Shell and Filler Bag



Specs & Features

  • Primary Material 1000D
  • No-leak Fill Bag
  • Diamond Cross-stitching reinforcement
  • Doesn't need to be filled to capacity, can use a combination of sand and steel shot to customize weight.

No energy wasted from start to finish:
Because you don’t rely on handles, your hand muscles are compelled to perform and maintain maximum grip! From the extensors of the wrists down to the hands, the small muscles responsible for grasping are constantly trained and reinforced until you are capable of a powerful clench.

All these movements require monster strength to execute and unlocks different levels of muscular energy. This results in strength-building from the second you grasp the ball to the moment you thrust it down.

Incredibly versatile to build incredible strength: Train with equipment that keeps up with you! The Ultra Fitness Gear Soft Atlas Stone Sandbag is loadable up to its maximum weight capacity of 50 lbs. Adjust its weight as you perform different workouts that build up your power.

The Ultra Fitness Gear Soft Atlas Stone Sandbag can be used for various trainings and can be used for various training needs – from athletes to body builders

Because it is made with durable 1000D Military Spec Cordura, held together with diamond cross-stitching, and filled with no-leak PVC Coated bags, it can level with the most formidable force.

Train like a beast with a gear that can keep abreast with you. Build your power with the Ultra Fitness Gear Soft Atlas Stone Sandbag!

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