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Sale Ultra Fitness Workout Mace Bell - 8 & 12 lbs Sledge Hammer with Anti-Slip Handle for Functional Core Training Exercise

Ultra Fitness Workout Mace Bell - 8 & 12 lbs Sledge Hammer with Anti-Slip Handle for Functional Core Training Exercise

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Train like a warrior with a tool that’s made for one!

This athletic weighted training tool demands body awareness and balance at the same time. It’s ideal for boosting sports performance, leveling up one’s workout routine through full-body training, and for building grip, strength, and endurance. Measuring 39” long with a 6” diameter mace ball head, the Ultra Fitness Gear Mace Ball gives you the ability to charge up your training. The full-tang handle is constructed with a high-impact resistant polymer with a modeled and textured rubber grip. For added grip retention, the Ultra Fitness Gear Mace Ball features an extra-wide pommel style base.

Polyurethane Head and Collar

Available in 12lb & 8lb options
The polyurethane head is highly impact resistant and can be used on concrete, gym floor mats or tires! The collar protects the handle from mis-hits and acts as a hand stop.

Textured Rubber Grip

The grip on our Mace Bell provides an optimal and secure grip during intense workouts! We've designed our Maceball handle to be grippy in the rear and slick up front to enable you to perform effective Axe Cutter movements!

Full-Tang Handle

The rigid, yet impact resistant, handle runs the entire length of the handle for maximum strength and durability. You can give this workout weapon a serious beating!

Pommel and Lanyard Hole

The flared pommel as the base of the handle acts as a rear hand stop. For added grip retention, loop a lanyard through the rear hole for a completely secure grip. The lanyard hole is also excellent for hanging your Battle Mace Ball when not in use!
The mace ball handle is 1.62” wide with a slick front end to allow you to perform ax-style swing movements. The end of the handle features a reinforced half inch hole that is ideal for a lanyard to better secure your grip or even store and display the mace ball when not in use. The weight markings are molded directly into the mace ball head preventing the markings from wearing off after extended use unlike other mace balls with printed markings.

Overall Length - 39in
Head Diameter - 6in
Handle Length - 33.75in
Rubber Grip Length - 14.5in
Lanyard Hole Diameter - 0.5in
8 lbs and 12 lbs mace ball heads with weight markings

Full Body Workouts

Train your whole body with functional training movements that will hit every muscle group!

Build Explosiveness

Just like a sledge hammer workout, you are building up your fast twitch muscles and cardio.

Built to Last

We design our equipment to last and be able to take a serious beating. Our Mace Bell is no joke and no exception to our standards!
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