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Sale Mini Fuel Tank Luggage Bag Facing Forward On Motorcycle With Phone Inside

Mini Tank Bag With Phone Window, Magnetic Mounting System, Multiple Compartments And Leather Finish

$34.99 $89.99
Ships within 24 hours!

Bring Everything Your Need On Your Next Adventure
The Vuz Moto Mini Motorcycle Tank Bag is your best riding buddy – it lets you take everything you need in one super sleek and compact bag. Designed with a clear phone window so you can easily locate your phone and even use it for directions, glasses pouch to safely tuck away your eye gear, and two separate interior sections so you can organize your stuff.

The Vuz Moto Mini Motorcycle Tank Bag is made with a Magnet Mounting System, so you can securely attach it to your bike’s fuel tank. No need to worry about dropping or losing your stuff like with other moto luggage, the Motorcycle Tank Bag’s Magnetic Mounting system guarantees a secure and easy setup.

Durability Meets Style
True to its commitment to quality, Vuz introduces the Moto Mini Motorcycle Tank Bag that is aesthetically refined as it is highly functional and durable. Handcrafted with stylish leather accents that complements your adventurous vibe, its extra thick nylon material ensures it can live up to your daring expeditions. The Vuz Moto Mini Motorcycle Tank Bags with leather handcrafted finish are produced in small batches to ensure that each bag meets Vuz’ first-class standards.

Vuz Mini Tank Bag Features & Benefits:
Compact and Handy: 9.5 in x 8 in – This compact tank bag is equipped with multiple compartments, so you can pack away your essentials in one neat, practical bag.
Versatile Compartments: Designed with 2 separate interior sections to easily organize your things, a clear phone window pocket, and a pouch to easily find your glasses.
Adventure-ready: The Magnet Mounting System makes the Vuz Moto Mini Motorcycle Tank Bag the most portable and functional bag to take for your rides. Its integrated magnet allows you to easily but securely fix it to your bike’s tank.
Stylish Design: The Motorcycle Tank Bag features the finest leather handcrafted finish that goes well with your bold expeditions.
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