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12 Foot Waterproof Motorcycle Tent With Integrated 3-Person Tent Space
This state-of- the-art tent is constructed with some of the most durable materials available. It’s made with a unique, extra spacious design – so spacious, in fact, that it has a large room for your motorcycle and a separate place for you and your friends! Now, you can enjoy camping...
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Corsair All-Weather Motorcycle Cover
From $26.54
A Pirate's Life  VUZ Moto Corsair covers are your go-to shield for year-round protection of your trusty adventure voyager in all weather conditions. Durable and built to last, seasons will come and go while your bike stays cloaked in awesomeness.  Features:  Waterproof. Heavy duty polyester wicks water away faster that...
Dry Saddlebags
Dry Saddlebags
The two best friends The VUZ Dry Saddlebags are perfect for any riding condition and attach to various bike types with different seat widths, exhaust setups, and attachment points. Completely waterproof design means you can adventure with anything and have the peace of mind it will arrive safely. Additional straps are...
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Expandable Tail Bag
Expand Your Mind The VUZ Moto Expandable Tail Bag was built with utility in mind to be a versatile and useful travel companion in any condition. The 1680D Polyester fabric construction is durable and built to last for years. It may be oddly shaped, but its capacity and quick access...
LED Hi-Vis Running, Walking & Riding Vest
From $20.48
Light Up!  Built For:  Walking the dog Running Walking Hiking Cycling  Motorcycle Riding VUZ Moto LED Safety vests are next-level in the realm of reflectivity. In addition to reflective striping, the vest contains a series of LED lights (front and back) to keep you highly visible to other motorists in any...
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Mini Tank Bag With Phone Window, Magnetic Mounting System, Multiple Compartments And Leather Finish
Bring Everything Your Need On Your Next Adventure The Vuz Moto Mini Motorcycle Tank Bag is your best riding buddy – it lets you take everything you need in one super sleek and compact bag. Designed with a clear phone window so you can easily locate your phone and even...
Motorcycle Riding Gloves With Knuckle Protection Plate
From $19.30
Hit The Road In Style:Urban and adventure riders know Vuz Moto is the place to go for quality motorcycle accessories. The team at Vuz Moto has been working hard to introduce the coolest and toughest motorcycle glove available! This two-toned motorcycle glove is as sleek in design as it is highly...
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Premium Dry Tank Backpack
The most functional piece of luggage in our line. The definition of premium. This "Tank Bagpack" serves as both a magnetic tank bag and waterproof backpack. Transitioning between the backpack and tank bag is a breeze and you can have the bag off your bike and on your back for a hike in...
Premium Motorcycle Duffle Bag | 100% Waterproof
From $56.99
FEATURES 100% waterproof interior compartment AND external pocket with waterproof zipper. Heat welded seams and roll top design make this bag air tight. Air valve included on 40” & 55” version. Durable 600D Polyester with TPU coating for maximum durability and resistance to abrasion. 8 heavy duty D-rings and tactical...
Vuz Waterproof Duffle Bag
Vuz Waterproof Duffle Bag
The staple in adventure.  This bag will stick with you for years of use. Designed to be a travel companion for any adventure, you'll be surprised how often you use it off the bike. At 45L, it hits the sweet spot for capacity and convenience with timeless appeal. YES CAMANCHE,...

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