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Sale Front view Halloween Animatronics Witch with arms raised

Halloween Animatronics Sound-Activated Haunted Witch Decoration

Ships within 24 hours!


Specs and Features

  • 7 ft tall
  • 5 spooky phrases
  • LED eyes
  • Poseable
  • Scary Movement
  • Sound Activated
  • Try me button
  • Requires 3 AA Batteries (not included)

The Perfect scary Halloween decoration. Old Sally Grim the witch has lived in her haunted forest for over 1,000 years, casting spells and brewing  poisonous potions. Every year on Halloween, she makes her way into neighboring villages to terrify passers by. Her eerie laughter and hair-raising movement  will shock your visitors stone cold.

Old Lady Grim  will stay unassuming and motionless in the dark until a victim is close enough. When she hears a little peep it awakens her desire to terrorize, and your unsuspecting victim is met with creepy phrases, glowing eyes and horrifying motion. Whether using as haunted house decorations or scary halloween decorations for your home, Old Lady Grim will be sure to scare!

Spooky Phrases:

  • Hehehehe!  Let me show you the true face of halloween!
  • Is that a mask?  wah hooooooooo
  • So you want some tricks?!  Aahhhhhh hah ha!
  • Trick or treeeeeaaattt!!!!  Aaaahhhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha!!
  • How about a kiss?! Ahahahahaha!!!
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