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Sale Diamond Decanter Set with Whiskey Stones and Lowball Glasses

Diamond Decanter Set with Whiskey Stones and Lowball Glasses

$66.99 $104.99
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Diamond Decanter Set
Our Diamond Whiskey Decanter Set is truly a one of a kind set. We spent hours redesigning the wooden stand to be both aesthetically pleasing and extremely functional. The decanter cradles in snuggly between the 4 unique posts of the stand to show off its elegant design, while it stores your favorite spirit. The felt pads on each side of the Scotch Whiskey Decanter are custom designed to fit the included Diamond Whiskey Glasses. Putting all of this together in a single set not only saves space on your home bar, but also creates a fantastic center piece and conversation starter. We can guarantee that this set will be the focal point of your next cocktail party!

Features and Details
This large whiskey decanter has a total capacity of 1000ml. This custom whiskey decanter also features a glass fitted stopper which ensures a tight seal over your stored spirit. Also included is a stainless steel funnel for easy refilling and a set of 9 whiskey stones for your convenience. You no longer have to worry about diluting your favorite drink with ice cubes. Also includes 2 Lowball Glasses (AKA: Old Fashioned Glasses).

Included Items
  • 1 - 1000ml Diamond Whiskey Decanter
  • 1 - Custom Mahogany Tinted Stand
  • 2 - Short Tumbler Glasses
  • 1 - Glass Stopper
  • 1 - Set of 9 Soap Stone Whiskey Chilling Stones
  • 1 - Stainless Steel Funnel
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