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Sale Essential Whiskey Box Set

Essential Whiskey Box Set

$29.81 $59.99
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COMPLETE AND QUALITY WHISKY TASTING SET. 4-piece whiskey set box includes chilling stones, Old Fashioned glassware, fancy silicone-tipped tongs, and timeless wooden box to start a bourbon-tasting kit or give as a posh wedding gift.

BETTER WAY TO COOL YOUR DRINK. Comes with 2 smooth, stainless steel chilling stones to quickly bring your drink to the perfect temperature without watering it down. You no longer have to worry about diluting your favorite drink with ice cubes. Perfectly sized so you can enjoy the smoky, spicy taste of whisky with its satisfying, intense finish in no time.

SUPERIOR GLASSES FOR A SUPERIOR DRINKING EXPERIENCE. Glassware that does more than hold your bourbon liquor. Atterstone Whiskey set includes 2 300 ml square Lowball glasses, so you can swirl your whiskey in the wide base and unlock its enticing aromas.

SPECIAL DESIGN TO BRING OUT AND KEEP THE TASTE OF LIQUOR. From holding and swirling the glass, to sniffing the bourbon and finally tasting its intense flavor. Every piece of this classic whiskey set is designed and made with materials that bring out and hold the taste of alcohol in the temperature it is best enjoyed.

CLASSY GIFT ANY TIME OF YEAR. The rich, stained wood with elegant etchings and front latch makes it a timeless gift for fathers, husbands, and every whisky-appreciating gentleman.

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