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Sale Classic Cocktail Box Set

Classic Cocktail Box Set

$59.99 $64.99
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ARTFULLY DESIGNED SWIRL GLASS. The Cocktail Box set contains 2 x 12 oz ultra clear swirl glasses, displaying the elegant colors of the cocktail while exuding its aroma. The weighted base makes it easy to hold.

FASTER, BETTER CHILLING METHOD. Comes with 6 steel chilling stones to cool your drink faster and longer. You no longer have to worry about diluting your favorite drink with ice cubes. This safe, innovative way of keeping liquors chilled makes watered down alcoholic drinks a thing of the past.

PERSONALIZED GIFT FOR COCKTAIL ENTHUSIASTS. The inner lid displays etched artwork and instructions on how to make 4 cocktail drinks: Old Fashion, Mint Julep, Manhattan, and Whiskey Sour. A thoughtful present for cocktail aficionados on holidays, birthdays, weddings, and housewarming parties.

PRACTICAL & EASY TO USE. Chilling stones that can be frozen and washed easily. Machine-safe glassware that brings out the best tastes of liquor. Wooden box packaging that gives the cocktail set a stylish vibe. The inclusions and design of the Cocktail box make it a low-maintenance, practical kit.


  • Two 12oz short Tumblers (AKA: Old Fashioned Glass, or Rock Glass)
  • The box set includes 2 handsomely crafted dark stone coasters
  • 1 pair of tongs with silicone ends
  • 1 large stone bag to keep the chilling stones from rolling around in the box.
  • 6 steel chilling stones
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