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Sale Animatronic Floating Skeleton - Sound and Touch Activated Halloween Decoration with Lighted Eyes and Scary Sounds

Animatronic Floating Skeleton - Sound and Touch Activated Halloween Decoration with Lighted Eyes and Scary Sounds

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Give your neighbors the heebie-jeebies this Halloween! 

If you want to turn your home into the house of horrors this Halloween season, we got you covered! Introducing: The Holidayana Animatronic Floating Skeleton-- Sound and Touch activated Halloween Decoration with Lighted Eyes & Scary Sounds. 

Powered by 3 AAA Batteries, this sound and touch activated floating skeleton is the perfect Halloween decor to display in your porch, garden, or anywhere you plan to dish out the tricks! The Halloween prop decor makes frightening motions and bone-chilling sound that will keep anyone up at night. 

Think looking into its gaunt face is creepy enough? Your blood will run colder when the empty sockets where it eyes used to be suddenly light up! 

From its tattered hood, to its ragged robe and bony hands, the Holidayana animatronic floating skeleton is made with quality materials to make it last many nights of fright. 

Features & Benefits:
•Sound and Touch Activated Animatronic Movement: This floating skeleton prop decor makes frightful movements - it’s like a scene straight out of a horror movie.
Flashing Eyes: As if looking at its gaunt face isn’t creepy enough; your blood will run colder when its empty sockets suddenly light up!
•Creepy Sounds: The Holidayana floating skeleton also lets out hair-raising noises. A frightening sound to match such frightening sight!
•Indoor or Sheltered Outdoor Use for Display Flexibility: Hang it in entryways, sheltered outdoor spots, or anywhere you want to surprise unsuspecting guests.
•Easy power type & Quality materials for longer use: Using just 3 AAA batteries, become the neighborhood’s official house of terror this Halloween - and many Halloweens to come. Holidayana only uses quality materials to make this nightmarish sight come alive.
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