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Sale VUZ Moto waterproof motorcycle saddlebags on triumph scrambler

Dry Saddlebags

Ships within 24 hours!


The two best friends

The VUZ Dry Saddlebags are perfect for any riding condition and attach to various bike types with different seat widths, exhaust setups, and attachment points. Completely waterproof design means you can adventure with anything and have the peace of mind it will arrive safely. Additional straps are included to run a single bag (left or right) when economy is needed, for sharing bags with friends, or for bikes with a high-exhaust. 
    • Two bags are included. Think we'd sell you just one? 
    • Like the rest of the Dry Bag line, these saddlebags are truly waterproof. 
    • Simple roll-top design with an air-valve to remove excess space makes it easy to load and secure for travel. 
    • Each bag is mage from durable PVC tarpaulin and included a neoprene shield to protect the bags from engine heat and provide added rigidity. 
      Neoprene Heat Shiels
    • 4 compressions straps per 24L bag, one each on the top and bottom and one on each side create a compact unit ready for any road ahead. 

    • Each bag comes with two mounting straps that attach to the bike directly or rack and clip into the bag. Additional Scrambler Straps are included with each bag for mounting just one bag at a time (see photo below). Great for when two bags aren't needed or allowed (such as on bikes with a high exhaust on one side. You can also share a bag with a friend. 
    • Scrambler Straps for Single Bag Mounting   Single Saddlbag Mounted with Scrambler Straps

    • DIMENSIONS: 15 x 12 x 4.5 inches (roll top adjusts up to 19) -- 4lbs.

    • One-year manufacturer warranty. 
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