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Sale Ultra Fitness Gear Breathable Weighted Vest with Full Molle Webbing Chest Panel & Secure Straps, 12 to 48 lbs capacity

Ultra Fitness Gear Breathable Weighted Vest with Full Molle Webbing Chest Panel & Secure Straps, 12 to 48 lbs capacity

$99.99 $109.99
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  • Universal fit. Shoulder and side adjustability allows weight vest to fit most body types and sizes.
  • Twelve individual, removable, weight fillers can be filled with sand or steel shot and arranged however you like. Allowing configurations with a total weight of anywhere from 12 to 48 lbs.
  • Made with breathable interior mesh, rugged 1000D Cordura exterior, and a secure, snug fit for proper training – whether in the form of running, hiking, or recreational and sport training.
  • Fillers have two velcro layers to prevent sand from leaking. The first layer seals the filler pouch, the second layer folds over the opening.
Training with a weighted vest packs in many benefits:
  • It gets you in shape faster
  • It’s good for your cardiovascular system
  • It increases your core strength
  • It makes your bones denser and your muscles stronger
Of course, reaping all these benefits requires training with the best weighted vest there is.

Besides its fixed shoulder straps, the vest also features two sets of overlapping body straps on the lower back and abdomen. Each pair of straps pulls on the adjacent set for an extra snug, extra secure fit. This means it stays on no matter how hard or how strenuous your training gets! You don’t have to stop to readjust your vest or get distracted by slips or slides when it stays well-fitted to your body.

Workouts can get super intensive with weighted vests. That’s why Ultra Fitness Gear designed this piece with front and back breathable mesh padding, for a comfortable, odor-resistant wear.
The chest panel of the vest is fully lined with Velcro molle webbing so you can easily attach patches and different molle gear. This feature allows a more customized and tailored use.

If you want to add an extra edge to your workouts, training with the Ultra Fitness Gear Weighted Vest is the best way to start!
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