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Sale Sunward 8.5” Diameter Garden Sundial with Polished Brass Highlights

Sunward 8.5” Diameter Garden Sundial with Polished Brass Highlights

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Sundials are ancient pieces used to tell time by referencing the shadow cast by the sun. Sun dials consist of a thin rod or gnomon and a flat surface usually etched with numbers. The gnomon casts a shadow on the number markings depicting time. 

From an astronomical clock, the sun dial has evolved into a compass and now, a favorite garden or yard fixture. As pieces of history, sundials add a classy vibe in gardens, yards, or outdoor spaces. 

Brass Sundials for the Garden

The Sunward sundial weighs 2.75 lbs and measures 8.5” in diameter with a 4” gnomon and non-slip rubber feet. Apart from the Roman numerals projections, the Sunward dial also features North, South, East, and West markings. 

The size and design of the Sunward sun dial makes it a great focal point when surrounded by shrubs or flowers. Because it is made with thick brass casting finished with polished brass highlights, it requires minimal to no upkeep. 

Classic Gifts for Anniversaries and Weddings

If you’re looking for a memorable anniversary and wedding gift idea, the Sunward sundial fits the bill. It exudes timeless charm that makes weddings and anniversaries more meaningful. It gives recipients a symbolic piece to celebrate milestones!
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