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Sale Dog water fountain with hose attached sitting on a lawn

Pawcet Outdoor Dog Water Fountain With Hose Attachments

$39.99 $50.00
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Beat The Heat With A Pawcet Fountian!
The Pawcet was designed to provide a refreshing water source for your fur-baby  on hot summer days. The compact design and easy setup makes keeping your pet safe and comfortable this summer easier than ever!

The Pawcet works by dispensing water when pressure is placed on the top of the unit. This allows your dog to have fresh water whenever they need it and prevents possible dehydration. The Pawcet is a safer alternative to a traditional water bowl because it removes the risk of spilling or forgetful owners not refilling their bowl.

The no tool assembly is quick and easy, simply remove any existing attachment, screw on the Pawcet and turn on the hose. Once you have your Pawcet running, test it out by applying pressure to the top of the unit and ensure water is ejected. 

To train your dog to use their favorite toy to lead them to walk over the Pawcet. Once the water is dispersed apply positive reinforcement and let them know that they did something good! Once they get the hang of it they will love playing with their Pawcet on hot summer days

Help Your Dog Stay Cool This Summer & Order Yours Today!


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