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Sale Angled front view Frontpet Canvas Cat Hammock Bed, Luxury Lounger for Cats and Small Dogs

Frontpet Canvas Cat Hammock Bed, Luxury Lounger for Cats and Small Dogs

$31.58 $74.99
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Comfy and Sturdy Hammock Bed:
Give your cat the best place to sleep or just lounge in! The Frontpet Cat Hammock Bed comes with a luxurious bed and a sturdy wooden base that can support cats of all sizes and even puppies, too! Its fabric and design supports the shifting positions of the cat while keeping it safe. Whether perched by the window or standing on the ground, this mini condo for your pet will be their new favorite place to nap or relax in!

  • Comfy Hammock Bed. Because of its hanging setup and cozy fabric, this hammock bed serves as a comfy place to rest and conveniently adjusts to the cat’s positions.
  • Strong Base. Comes with a wooden stand that gives the hammock bed a balanced and strong foundation, keeping your pet safe.
  • For All Cat Sizes. Made with roomy dimensions and stable materials to support cats of all sizes and even small dogs.
  • Easy Setup. Put together the hammock bed in no time! It comes with conveniently designed pieces that fit together easily and a detailed setup guide with images.
  • Features a Feather Cat Toy! Includes a fun feather cat toy that can also be used to decorate the bed! When used as bed embellishment, the kitty toy can be easily adjusted so it’s the right length for your cat.
Package Includes:
1 - 21” x 7.85” Wooden Stand
1 - 22” x 17” Fabric Cover
1 - 21” Cat Toy
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