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Sale fish cooler bag facing forward

Fish Cooler Bag With Carry Strap & Storage Bag

Ships within 24 hours!

Elkton Outdoors
  • FRESHER LONGER: Guaranteed to keep fish fresh all day. The Elkton insulated fish cooler has double walls for premium insulation and leakproof performance to keep your catch fresh even after a long day by the lake or at sea.
  • COMPACT & CONVENIENT: The Elkton fishing bag comes in 2 sizes: 40 in (L) x 20 in (H) and 60 in (L) x 20 in (H). Both have a 3-point folding system for easy storage: you can squeeze it in the small spaces of your kayak or boat!
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Designed with non-stick interior lining, the Elkton cooler bag makes cleaning fast and hassle-free.
  • EASY TO CARRY: Featuring 4 carry handles and a removable shoulder strap for ultimate portability. Carry it by yourself or carry it with a buddy! It also comes with an easy-grip zipper and carry bag for your grab-and-go fishing trips.
  • RUGGED & DURABLE: Elkton Outdoors only uses the highest quality heavy-duty materials and featuring a puncture resistant lining, this fishing gear bag also has reinforced stitching, so it stays leakproof and hardwearing even after years of use.

Keeping Your Catch Fresh All Day
Fishing takes patience, but anglers know how hours can go by between catches. That’s why you need a fishing gear bag that can keep your catch fresh even if you spend all day by the lake or at sea. The Elkton Insulated Fish Cooler Bag can help you there! Made with premium insulation, this leakproof fishing gear bag has a thick, easy-pull zipper for secure storage and durable shoulder straps and carry bag for convenient transportation. 

Easy to Use, Easy to Clean
Why put up with fishing coolers with complicated accessories when you can get a bag that’s as easy to use as it’s easy to clean? The Elkton fishing cooler bag features double wall closed-cell insulation: Just put in some ice and your catch stays fresh all day. Thanks to its non-stick interior lining, you can rinse out and clean your cooler bag in seconds. 

Perfect for Kayaks & Small Boats
Portable and durable - that’s how Elkton made this fishing bag. It’s designed with a 3-point folding system, so you can easily fold and tuck it away even in the compact spaces of your kayak or boat. No need to worry about hauling heavy coolers! This fishing bag is made with lightweight materials and convenient handles with carry bag, so you can just grab and carry it wherever you go fishing. 

Features & Benefits: 
Hauling heavy fishing gear and coolers is now a thing of the past. Get the same cooling convenience in one portable package with the Elkton fishing bag: 

•Closed-cell Insulation Technology for keeping fish fresh 
•Non-stick Interior Lining accessory for easy cleaning
•Reinforced Stitching and durable materials for leakproof guarantee
•Shoulder strap handles and carry bag for stress-free transportation
•Three-point Folding System for quick storage
•2 size options for the most suitable catch holder

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