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Sale Fiesta Taco Inflatable Costume

Fiesta Taco Inflatable Costume

Ships within 24 hours!

Hungry for fun costume ideas? Get your fill of delightful ensembles with the Holidayana Taco Halloween Inflatable Costume!

Ideal for Halloween, cosplay, theme parties or extra special Taco Tuesdays! The inflatable Taco suit comes with a fan box that blows it up in minutes. With its standard adult size, it is a comfortable fit for men and women. The cut and design of the outfit lets you walk and move around without restrictions. 

Apart from a comfortable fit, the Taco inflatable costume also features durability. Made with premium materials and quality design, it’s easy to wear but hard to tear. Taco ‘bout an awesome costume!
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True Taco Boss

Be the talk-o of any party or event. The fiesta ain't ready for the taco realness you are about to bestow upon it. This is one spicy costume. When they see the taco body they are going to respect you and when they see the taco sombrero they are going to know you mean party business. Who doesn't love tacos? No one doesn't love tacos. It's impossible. They will definitely be impressed. Inflatable taco costume is the perfect inflatable Halloween costume or anytime costume.

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Turn Up

Comes with a powerful but portable fan and attached usb cord. A battery housing case for 4 AA batteries (batteries not included) to plug into. You could also use a portable power bank (not included) if you want.

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Sweet Zipper

Easy Taco access to get in you out of your taco costume. Zip up and head out to the party! OOOOHH YEAAHHH ;)

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I'm A Fan

This fan will blow you away with and keep you blown up! You too will be a fan of this fan. NICE.

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