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Sale View of the complete Dual Stage Bravo Electric SUP Pump

Driftsun Dual Stage Inflate/Deflate Bravo Electric Air Pump - Quick Inflate and Deflate

$149.99 $179.99
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The Driftsun Bravo BTP12 is a super efficient lightweight dual stage stage high pressure piston pump that will inflate from 1 to 15 PSI in approximately 4-6 minutes. Switch the pump to deflate and it has the capability completely deflate your board in 2-3 minutes. Simply connect the alligator clips to a battery, set the dial to your desired pressure setting, press the "on" button and this workhorse will do the rest. 


  • Dimensions: 8" x 4" x 5" 
  • Maximum Absorption: 20 Amps 
  • Air Flow : 160 l/min 450 l/min 
  • Max Pressure: 15 PSI (1 Bar) 
  • Can inflate and deflate quickly

Fitted with an aspiration air filter that is easily accessible for cleaning and replacement. Pump automatically stops when desired pressure is reached. This unit utilizes a 12V battery for portability. It does not connect to AC wall outlets or car cigarette adapters. Can be fitted with a Turbo Pump Lead Battery for cordless use (not included). Excellent for use with bigger kayak / boat hulls, drop-stitch SUPs, 


  • 8'6" battery cable w/alligator clips 
  • 6' inflation hose 
  • 7 common valve adapter fittings 
  • 2 needle nose valve fittings 
  • High pressure halkey roberts (iSUP) valve adaptor 
  • Convenient carry case
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