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Sale Dog wearing FrontPet Dog Cooling Vest with Adjustable Side Straps and Highly Visible Reflective Padding

Dog Cooling Vest With Reflective Side Stripping

$25.99 $79.99
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Beat The Heat This Summer!
Beat the heat this summer with the Frontpet Cooling Dog Vest. We have designed a look that is as stylish as it is functional. The simple to use design allows you to set up this cooling vest in only seconds. Simply soak your dog cooling vest in water, ring out the jacket and place it on your dog! The easy to access adjustment straps give you a snug and comfortable fit that will not shift and adjust while in use. The bright blue and reflective side striping makes it so you have better visibility of your pet while on walks, hikes or swimming. Once finished being used simply take the vest and flatten out the jacket and let sit in the sun for a few minutes to dry and then store for future use!

It is important to keep your pet cool during the harsh summer months. Dogs do not have the ability to expel body heat as efficiently as humans which leaves them at higher risk of heat related illnesses and heat stroke!

The cooling dog vest works by wicking away heat with the mesh via evaporation, similar to the way humans sweat. This allows the dog's core temperature to drop and keep them cool!

Size Specifications:
Body length: 20 inches
Height: 10 niches
Neck: 19 inches
Smallest size: 18 inches
Fully extended: 23 inches 

  • Simply soak the jacket, ring out excess water and place on your dog!!
  • Free of chemicals or other potentially harmful components! 
  • Designed with a large blue section and lined with reflective stripping to ensure you will be able to have better visibility of your pet while playing outdoors!
  • Easy to access adjustable straps allows for a snug fit that will not move around or slide while your dog is wearing their dog cooling vest!
  • Designed with lightweight yet durable materials that will not weigh down your dog while in use!
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