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Sale Modular Cooling Pet Mat With Three Layers of Insulation & FlexiFreeze Ice Sheet

Modular Cooling Pet Mat With Three Layers of Insulation & FlexiFreeze Ice Sheet

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Cooler Dog Turbo Cooling Mat

Designed for comfort and performance, the Turbo Cooling Mat combines a gel pad, a FlexiFreeze® Ice Sheet (the equivalence of nearly 8 trays of ice) and a thick layer of insulation to create a long-lasting cooling solution for dogs that is more effective than gel pads alone. With snaps on three sides, multiple mats can be combined to fit different spaces and cool dogs of all sizes. Portable for use in cars, SUV’s, RV’s, or on the go, the Turbo Cooling Mat great at home too! Durably constructed, it can be indoors or outside and is compatible with most crate sizes. We all know dogs can be messy, so the Turbo Cooling Mat was designed to be completely machine washable.

1 - Gel Pad
1 - FlexiFreeze Ice Sheet
1 - Insulating Foam Insert
1 - Turbo Cooling Mat

Introducing The Triple Layer Cooling System: 

Layer 1: Gel Pad Layer distributes the heat absorbing power of the ice and provides a comfortable place for the dog. 

Layer 2: FlexiFreeze Ice Sheet contains 88 built-in ice cubes. It absorbs excess heat form the gel pad and the dog while thawing, making it more effective than a gel pad alone! 

Layer 3: Closed Cell Foam insulation layers blocks heat from warming the cooling mat from underneath 

What Makes FlexiFreeze Ice Sheets So Awesome?

FlexiFreeze ice sheets are made right here in the USA using scientifically formulated film filled with WATER. Why Water? Because water is exponentially more effective than gel alone at absorbing heat as it thaws. Thats why we use water. It just works better.

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