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Sale Dog sitting on pet bridge with door open exposing the inside of the vehicle

Backseat Pet Bridge With Hammock- Covers Entire Back Seat!

$66.54 $99.99
Ships within 24 hours!


Our backseat pet bridge is designed to fill the gap between the end of your car’s seats and to eliminate the floor space in front as well as cover and protect the entire back seat and doors. Your dog will have the ability lay flat and stretch themselves out completely in order to have the ultimate car riding experience.

  • DIMENSIONS: 54 3/4" x 22 3/4"
  • SAFE- Creates an extended safe and comfortable space for your pet to travel while in the back seat of your vehicle!
  • SECURE- This pet vehicle seat barrier keeps your vehicle interior safe protecting from claws and hair by covering all areas of the car your pet will be occupying!
  • STURDY- Holds up to 150 Pounds. Built with a hardwood interior, wrapped with comfortable foam padding and enforced by sturdy nylon straps ensures your pet bridge barrier will deliver longevity and comfort!
  • CONVENIENT- This car platform can be installed and removed in only minutes! It also folds into a compact square so storage is a breeze!
  • FUNCTIONAL- Additional storage space in the seat barrier allows for you to bring all of your pets toys, treats and accessories while on the go!
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