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Sale driftsun kneeboard with green EVA pad and graphics

Driftsun 2020 Crush Kneeboard, Dual Twin-Tip Design (52”x 22”)

Ships within 24 hours!


Get ready to CRUSH it! 
The Driftsun Crush Kneeboard is built for the entire family. Integrated tow hook makes it easy to successfully teach kids and inexperienced riders, while the size of the Crush means adults can effortlessly join in the fun as well. Single locking 3-Inch padded knee strap makes for a secure fit and more responsive cuts on the water. The super absorbent EVA ‘flex’ knee pad softens any impact, resulting in an extremely comfortable ride, giving kneeboarders the confidence to land those big air moves. 

Dual twin-tip design delivers speed and performance while the rotomolded shell provides added durability. The continues rocker profile allows riders to easily land tricks, jumps, and spins. The design of the Driftsun Crush Knee Board is perfect for beginning and advanced kneeboards. 

Features & Specifications: 
- Driftsun Crush Kneeboard (52”x22”) 
- Integrated Easy-Start Aquatic Hook 
- Soft Molded EVA Knee Pad 
- Single Locking Adjustable 3” Padded Knee Strap 
- Durable Rotomolded Shell w/ EPS Core 
- Continuous Rocker Profile 
- Dual Twin-Tip design 

The Crush delivers best all-around performance at a great value. So get out there and CRUSH it! Order yours today!

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