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Sale VUZ Moto Motorcycle Cover

Corsair All-Weather Motorcycle Cover

Ships within 24 hours!


    A Pirate's Life 

    VUZ Moto Corsair covers are your go-to shield for year-round protection of your trusty adventure voyager in all weather conditions. Durable and built to last, seasons will come and go while your bike stays cloaked in awesomeness. 


    • Waterproof. Heavy duty polyester wicks water away faster that you can say "skedaddle".

    •  Reflective stripes for dark hour visibility

    • Elastic in all the right spots. Straps around the belly keep things in place and secure. 

    • Reinforced cutouts on front tire for locking the bike. 

    • Vents at grips for wafting out unwanted air and condensation. 

    • Carry bag included.

      • Medium: 80 x 35 x47 (2.3 pounds)
      • LARGE: 90 x 39 x50 (2.5pounds)
      • EXTRA-LARGE: 97 x 41 x50 (2.7pounds)




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