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Sale Ultra Fitness Gear Neoprene Sandbag, Pre-Filled, Steel Shot, 10-50lbs.

Ultra Fitness Gear Neoprene Sandbag, Pre-Filled, Steel Shot, 10-50lbs.

$32.08 $54.99
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Features and Specs:

  • Made with heavy duty neoprene to prevent leaks and tears.
  • Exterior is a textured flexible fabric fo better grip.
  • Edges are piped in 1000D Cordura to add strength.
  • One year no questions asked warranty.

The human body develops muscle memory from doing the same tasks over time. These repetitive actions require less and less energy the more you grow familiar with them.

Sounds efficient, but from a fitness point of view, that’s just being stuck in a rut! You want to keep pushing yourself and increase your energy levels. You want full body exercises that work out different muscles in your body!

Elevate your Workout with Ultra Fitness Gear Pre-Filled Pancake Sandbag.
Hitting a plateau in your workout routine can be one of the biggest hurdles in your fitness goals. Don’t let it turn you complacent and lazy.

Turn up the volume in your workout routine by using the Ultra Fitness Gear Steel Bag. Have a look at its benefits:

  • Full-body exercise. It helps you do squats, lunges, slams, and other exercises that work on your entire body.
  • Stronger grip. Because you are training with steel that shifts and not still, your wrist and hand muscles are worked out so you can better grasp the equipment. The result? You get powerfully stronger grip!
  • Safe, lasting use. The exterior disk of the Sandbag is made with thick, heavy-duty neoprene that securely holds in the interior steel shot. Besides safe use, the tough materials and make of the gear lets you use it for a long time.
  • Great for indoors and outdoors. Whether you prefer working out indoors or outdoors, you can take the Ultra Fitness Gear Steel Shot Filled Pancake Sandbag with you. It’s ideal for any workout settings so you can get full body exercise wherever you want.
Don’t grow complacent – or uninspired – with your fitness goals. Keep pushing and training with an exercise gear that allows different workout routines and unlocks increased energy levels!
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