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Sale Shopping Sherpa Trolley Bag Set

Shopping Sherpa Trolley Bag Set

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The simplest reusable grocery shopping bag system available! Carry these bags with you on your next trip to the store. At checkout, expand the sherpa bags within your shopping cart to easily pack all your items into the 4 handled bags. Velcro allows all four bags to be connected while in the cart and separate when transferring to your car and house. These durable reusable bags feature strong handles and reinforced mesh bottoms that can hold up to 35 pounds! Orange bag is insulated for cold items!  

5 Simple Steps:

  1. Hang your reusable shopping sherpa bags on the back of your cart while you shop
  2. Once your finished shopping, unload groceries onto the conveyor belt at checkout.
  3. Remove bags from the hook on your cart and spread evenly in the basket. 
  4. Pack and sort items in your Sherpa as your groceries come off the conveyor belt. 
  5. Take the cart to your car and detach one bag at a time to load into your trunk for transport home. 

Carry your Eco Freindly Zelancio Shopping Sherpa bags in the back of your car so they'll always be ready for your next grocery trip.

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