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Marketfleet is a dynamic, high-growth network of consumer brands based in California and Puerto Rico. We’re interested in developing relationships with factories who are looking to do more business in North America. We can help you sell your products under our brands. We look at business relationships as long-standing, if we are to place an order with you, we expect it to be a long-standing, extended relationship.

If you’re interested in working with us, here is a quick list of our requirements:

  1. We only work with companies that provide free samples for us to evaluate. We’ll provide the logistics of getting the product to our California office. *Some exceptions for high ticket products.
  2. We initially like to start relationships off with small test orders, then as we find traction, we scale those orders into full 1-year ordering plans. Don’t be surprised if we’re only interested in a small order initially. With our top factories, we do millions of dollars in volume annually.
  3. We need to understand only the FOB price. We will handle logistics from the port onto our distribution centers in the United States and Canada.
  4. We do not operate with the traditional 30% down 70% at BOL will provide a 0% deposit for initial orders with an expectation of 90 day financing terms from BOL. *We make occasional exceptions for new relationships.
  5. To ensure a mutually beneficial, profitable, long term business relationship we expect top-quality production product quality from all our suppliers. All shipments are subject to in-line production inspections and/or final goods pre-shipment inspections. We expect competitive pricing as well to ensure that we can build meaningful sales volumes quickly.

We at MarketFleet are looking forward to building a long term, mutually profitable business relationship with you and your organization.

Reach out to us today if you meet our requirements as a partner.

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