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MarketFleet has a brand platform that allows everyone from entrepreneurs with a concept to established brands focus on product while we handle all the back office and infrastructure. Our brand platform has 7 distinct elements:


Product Development. We do our own in house product development and design. From industrial engineering, to prototyping, to developing a "golden sample." We have the talent and processes to bring ideas to live.


Sourcing and Manufacturing. We have overseas representatives and factory relationships in a diverse number of categories. If we're not working with factory who can develop your product, we can source one who can.


Legal review and patenting. Our in house IP counsel will perform a full patent search to make sure every product decision is defendable, as well as assist in the patent filing process to protect IP.


Quality Control. Our quality assurance and control teams verify that every order is developed directly to spec and standards outlined by our product development process. We handle every stage of the production process to ensure perfect products.


Inbound logistics / freight consolidation at port. For overseas manufacturing, shipping time and costs are a core part of delivering best in class service. We handle port consolidation and logistics all the way end to final user.


Ongoing purchasing and replenishment. Our process insures that products are rarely out of stock and reorders are made at a cadence that keeps inventory flowing. We leverage sophisticated inventory management software to time orders and buy points to avoid stock outs.


Post launch marketing and merchandizing support. We develop best in class marketing and merchandizing to ensure that our brands are communicating with their demographic. On launch, products are immediately syndicated to all channel partners as well as through a direct to user channel.

MarketFleet Brand Platform

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Whether in concept phase, or looking to scale an existing idea - please reach out and lets have a conversation about leveraging our brand platform to build something great!

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