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Marketfleet is a network of direct to consumer lifestyle brands. We specialize in condensing and controlling as many aspects of the supply chain as possible, allowing us to deliver higher quality and more affordable products quicker and more efficiently than our competition. We utilize the most advanced technology available to help us on our mission and we are determined to uphold our standard of excellence in everything we do.

Our Goal

Give customers affordable luxury

Our brands are the result of our mantra to build something great. Each brand is a representation of our dedication to quality, attention to detail and innovation. We invite you to explore our portfolio of brands and products, there is something for everyone!

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Our Team

Entrepreneurs assisting Entrepreneurs

Marketfleet is a brand platform company. We are a team ofdedicated entrepreneurs committed to assisting entrepreneurs build direct toconsumer, disruptive brands.

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Our Platform

Marketfleet Brand Platform

Marketfleet has developed a platform for you to build yourdirect to consumer brand. Whether it be a single product or entire productlines, let us handle the back office, sourcing, infrastructure, design,marketing, and web construction while you are free to work exclusively onbuilding a great product.

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Managed Retail Services

Marketfleet consults and assists established brands on how to manage their marketplace and direct to consumer channels. Learn more about our services company to help you sell more in the marketplace as well as online.

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