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3 Keys for Successful Marketplace Software

There are three key factors to running a successful online marketplace. We built our marketplace software to address these key factors so that your marketplace has the greatest chance to succeed.

1. Cutting-Edge Technology in Marketplace Software

Cutting-edge marketplace software allows you to maintain a competitive advantage by being integrated wherever or however you like, scaling quickly and cost-effectively, and creating a valuable network effect through its platform architecture. When you launch your marketplace with MarketFleet, you get all of these great advantages.

Intelligent Integration

MarketFleet’s marketplace software was built to be as lightweight as possible and easily integrate into existing software platforms. This means that your marketplace can be built into anything where you can edit a page’s code- WordPress, Joomla, Magento, or whatever you desire. If you can edit a page’s code, you can have a marketplace. And the beauty is the integration is just a JavaScript snippet and occasionally an additional JavaScript object depending on the nature of the integration. In the best case scenario it can take as little as 10 minutes to integrate. We’ll even help you do it.

Dependable Under Fire

You get the best solution so your business can run uninterrupted. Marketplace software should allow you to grow quickly and stay running smoothly through usage spikes and heavy demand. MarketFleet is built on a cloud infrastructure. Our marketplace software is fast, reliable, and highly cost-effective.

Extend to the Masses

Your marketplace can expand easily, too. You get a marketplace software that was built as a platform, meaning that functionality extends to 3rd parties through our APIs. You can enable your partners to create new experiences and value within your marketplace. This helps your business gain more traction and interest over time.

2. Marketplace Inventory & Orders

Marketplaces are only as good as the experience they provide its participants. You want everything to run smoothly so that people have a reason to say great things about your marketplace. Our marketplace software enables buyers and sellers to come together and do business. Orders are tracked. Emails are triggered to inform buyers and sellers of each order management event. Users can easily managed their accounts and log in to check in on order status, shipping status, and communicate anonymously with sellers. All the tools users need to do business are built right into our marketplace software. And, we built the seller tools to work for individuals, small business owners, and the big business partners. There is not an audience that isn’t properly served on our marketplace software.

3. Smart Spend-to-Revenue Growth

A marketplace is an exciting and rewarding business to run. But just like life, it’s not for pansies. The "build it and they will come" theory to marketplaces very, very rarely works. You need a marketplace software solution that can be pocketbook friendly at launch, identify where your opportunities are, and allow you to capitalize on them quickly. Many of our clients start with our SaaS marketplace solution for its cost-effective advantage, then move to a private label solution as their marketplace gains traction. Our team advises businesses on the best approach, the metrics to follow, and the roadmap to a growing and successful marketplace. Our revenue share model means it’s in our best interest to see your marketplace grow and succeed and we take great pride in helping our partners win.

Our Marketplace Software Features

Why build a marketplace from scratch when can get these great features right out of the box with our marketplace software? Let us help you get started.

Small & Medium Business—MarketFleet Professional Plan

We have flexible plans for small- & medium-sized businesses. Let us help you plan your launch.

Annual plans starting at $14,995

Enterprise Partners—MarketFleet Enterprise Plan

Ask about our Enterprise plans with full customization and control and the highest level of support.

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