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Your strategy: Streamline your operations while you grow your product offering and gain valuable market intelligence that informs your future decisions.

A marketplace makes it all possible.

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How to Streamline & Grow

Your marketplace is designed to streamline the process of adding merchants and millions on new SKUs to your retail site. You can set the business rules for each merchant, including final approval and performance stardards. Plus, self-service onboarding and order processing is built right into our marketplace solution with CSV and API tools for merchants.

Grow your product catalog dramatically by allowing merchants to bring swaths of product to your marketplace. Merchants get a new sales channel and you get to learn what products are in demand. It’s a win/win. And here’s the secret: You get to increase your trade value over time without having to hold inventory or fulfill orders and you get a commission for every sale. It’s a great model for smart growth.

Retain, Re-market, and Re-invent Your Strategy

Not only does the marketplace help you retain price-sensitive shoppers, but you acquire those customers' data and you can re-market to them. It's a powerful way to acquire new customers that you might have otherwise lost to Amazon, eBay, or Criagslist.

Retailers can also use the marketplace to easily sell their returned merchandise, refurbished goods, or "scratch & dent" items.

You get a multi-site compatible marketplace platform that can easily serve multiple retail sites. Launch new niche sites quickly and cost-effectively to discover new opportunities. And, it’s no additional work for your merchants—multi-channel selling is built right in.

Full Control & Customization

    With our marketplace software you can...

  • Integrate with any retail site so long as you can edit the site’s pages
  • Choose which SKUs appear on the marketplace
  • Customize the look and feel to match your retail site
  • Throttle it to show up a limited amount of times, or never, or always
  • Streamline seller onboarding to list products on your marketplace
  • Block certain sellers from appearing on your marketplace
  • Easily test changes before going live
  • Report data and analytics back to you
  • Do many other cool things...

Marketplace Benefits for Retailers

Increase customer data and marketplace intelligence

Get marketplace intelligence and real data from customer purchases and use that to re-market and expand your business intelligently.

Improve low-performing products

Do you have a product area that is underperforming? Let the marketplace bring price-competitive product to your site and watch your buyer conversion go up.

Expand into new categories at no cost

Merchants bring the inventory and the marketplace platform creates the product pages and/or lists the additional marketplace items against your existing product pages.

Increase Buyer Conversion

Drive significant value to your visitors by providing more selection and lower prices. They’ll keep coming back for more.

Increase Your ROI

You can re-market to your markeptlace customers and upsell them to new products. Gain intelligence on which products bring in the high-quality shoppers and ramp up your marketing efforts wisely.

Expand Your Reach

Go further than ever before. You get a marketplace platform that can easily integrate with additional retail sites (or other partner sites). Expand your marketplace to new niches & communities, and gain valuable reach.

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Why MarketFleet?

You get a complete marketplace solution that’s tailored to your business and focused on growth.

Marketplace Consultation

You get expert advice and guidance from marketplace ideation to launch and beyond. We don't rest until your marketplace is a success. We get to know your business, understand and identify key opportunities, and build a marketplace program that meets your exact needs.

If you need a customer retention tool for e-commerce that increases overall buyer conversion, provides valuable marketplace intelligence, is completely customizable, and can be integrated in as little as 10 minutes, well, here we are!

Success Coaching & Business Integration

Your solution includes our success team that guides you through each customer touchpoint, instructs and trains your teams on new processes & tools, and fully integrates your technical systems together.

Our integration programs follow a "crawl, walk, run" methodology with thoughtfully staged milestones that won't overwhelm your team. You get a fully functional marketplace platform designed to meet your teams needs and one that will continue to grow and adapt with you.

Cutting-Edge Technology

    Our marketplace platform features...

  • Dependable cloud technology that scales quickly & costs less
  • A highly extensible platform architecture with APIs built right in
  • Marketplace modules built with the retailer in mind
  • Advanced merchandising and search tools
  • Self-service tools for merchants and streamlined onboarding
  • Multi-site compatibility that makes multi-channel marketplaces easy
  • A sandbox for easy testing and interative development
  • Many more fancy things...

Retail Marketplace Features

You get marketplace software built with the reatiler in mind. And, we can customer build new features and modules for your exact needs.

Small & Medium Business—MarketFleet Professional Plan

We have flexible plans for small- & medium-sized businesses. Let us help you plan your launch.

Annual plans starting at $14,995

Enterprise Partners—MarketFleet Enterprise Plan

Ask about our Enterprise plans with full customization and control and the highest level of support.

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