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Frontpet Professional Pet Grooming Clippers & Tool Kit (2-Speed)

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  • DURABLE: Pet Clippers have a break resistant housing making these trimmers long lasting and durable
  • PROFESSIONAL: These Dog Grooming Clippers have a wide grip and a solid weight for an added durability
  • CONVENIENT: 10 foot long cord attached to Frontpet's Durable Pet Sheers makes it easy to maneuver around your pet and equipment
    BLADE: makes these animal clippers versatile and able to trim to the
    length need UltraEdge, CeramicEdge and ShowEdge blades
    Easily cut through thick and tough coats with ease. Includes cutting
    solution and brush to keep your dog clippers running smoothly for years


Keep Your Pet Looking Great Between Grooming's!
At Frontpet we believe in keeping our pets looking good and feeling great. A happy pet makes for a happy owner. We have designed a pair of quality grooming clippers to keep your pet looking great!

Great for any Experience Levels!
Our grooming pros love this high speed, durable and versatile clipper – high and low speeds make it perfect for complete animal grooming. It’s quiet operation keeps even skittish animals calm during their haircut. The round barrel shape is great for those who prefer a wider grip.

Technical Details
Clipper Speeds: 3400-4400rpm
Power: 30 watts
Blade Type: Sk5 Steel
Housing Type: Rubberized Plastic
Cord Length: 10 feet

Additional Information

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  1. No slip rubber grip handle made us feel secure about using these on our dog. You definitely don't want to slip using trimmers review by JeriAZcardFAN711

    This is the first set of pet clippers that we have ever owned and I wasn't sure what to expect. My husband tested them out on one of our labs and said they have a really good "no slip" rubber grip handle which is VERY important because you don't want the trimmer to slip while you are shaving your dog. You are in control of how much hair you want to remove by how many passes you make on the surface, the more passes, the more comes off, just a little common sense with use. It comes with a little brush to clean the inside of the blades and some oil to keeps things running smooth so they don't rust on you. The instruction booklet was was fairly easy to understand which is important because so many are useless anymore. These are electric, but the cord is quite long, about 8 ft or so, if you need more room than that, plan on using an extension cord. We didn't have use for one. It comes in a nice storage case that is padded so it's not sliding around, but keeps the clippers firmly in place. They look like a professional set of clippers, something that you would see a dog groomer use at say Petco while looking through the grooming windows. Easy to use, with a simple slide on/off switch with 2 speeds. My mother in law had a collie with severe allergies and her vet told her to keep him shave until the allergies passed, so we thought this would be good to do for our two labs who suffer from extreme allergies, since the weather will be warming up very soon.

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