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Marketfleet brings you qualityaffordabilityluxury

Here at Marketfleet, we have a guideline for all products that come through our doors. They must be affordable and they must be luxurious. Marketfleet has been following this rule since its start in 2011. We personally inspect all potential products to insure we find items that are worth bringing into your life. It is this level of personal investment and attentiveness found here at Marketfleet that brings quality work into our lives and quality products into yours.

Who We Are

Marketfleet is located in Chico CA and is run by a small, yet enthusiastic team. We work directly with international suppliers and are constantly expanding our market and resources. We strive to improve our relationships with our customers just as much as our relationships with our partners. We hold a high standard when it comes to your Marketfleet experience — whether that experience takes place while shopping on our online stores, receiving customer service on the phone or during an in-office meeting.

Building Brands

At Marketfleet, we not only seek out quality products for people like you, but we curate entire brands to tailor fit diverse interests. It is the individual that we aim to please and the best way we can is by developing and providing a wide selection of unique brands and products for our customers.